Irish man living in Antarctica says one thing he misses when away is Tinder

An Irish man working in Antarctica has revealed the one thing he really misses when away.

Gerard Ryan from Limerick is currently working on moving British Antarctic Survey’s Halley VI Research Station 23km across the ice.

The 36-year-old arrived out in Antarctica on December 4 to join the crew.

Most people spending time abroad tend to miss their families, their mother's cooking and other home comforts.

The crack even splits into two (Photo: YouTube)

However Gerard is a bit different in that the thing he misses most is dating app tinder.

Mr Ryan told the Limerick Post: "Oooh the comforts of home. It is personal space I miss the most, as there’s four of us to a room in a set of bunk beds. I’m 6ft 4” so it’s not easy fitting into them.

"There’s no TV but we’ve all the latest boxsets.

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"Having no phone at the start was strange, but it’s f***ing great not having one and I don’t miss it anymore. Oh, I do miss Tinder though, definitely Tinder.

The base will have to move (Photo: YouTube)

"I’m a single bloke with no kids, so I’m not living the dream, I am the dream."

Despite not being able to swipe left and right the Limerick man is loving life in the artic weather.

He said: "Antarctica is like a big field full of snow. There’s nothing around as far as the eye can see.

"It’s a bit therapeutic travelling between job locations as there’s no traffic, people and lights. Actually, the fact there’s no sound or noise makes it quite eerie.

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"As for the work, it’s such a prestigious project in a location very few people will ever get to set foot in.

The "Tinder" app logo (Photo: Getty)

"I’m one of the lucky few to set foot in the Antarctic and I’ll always cherish that.”

Gerard is set to stay in Antarctica before leaving for home on RSS Ernest Shackleton on March 3.

He is due to return to Ireland two weeks later depending on the weather.